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101 Digital Marketing Tools Every Digital Marketer Should Know About

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    Looking for digital marketing tools to improve your business systems?

     Or digital marketing tools to set up your services in the digital marketing space?

    Then you need the digital marketer's toolbox. These digital marketing tools or set of resources are helpful and easy to use, even for non-techies. 

     We have assembled a huge list of digital-marketer-recommended free/freemium tools. They are presented in categories that pertain to individual aspects of your business.

    Try these tools out and improve your digital marketing systems today.

    1. Market Research

    To find out the existing strategy being used by similar businesses, use these tools. These include the strategies for ad creation, content generation, visibility and the like.

    1. SemRush (freemium, with a call to upgrade)
    2. Similarweb (freemium, with a call to upgrade)
    3. Whatfont (website extension to determine the typography or layout of a website you fancy)
    4. Serpstat (free tier)
    5. Ispionage (free tier)

    2.  Domain Name and Website Hosting

    Allow me to use this illustration, to explain how the concept of domain names, hosting and themes work.

    The internet space is like a piece of land, you need to get some space (a website) and assign a name (domain name, like the name of your street). To ensure global accessibility, you pay for hosting on a server (website hosting), more like your monthly/annual rent or mortgage.

    The house built on the property can be likened to a website theme, while the tool used for building is a theme builder.

    **Once in a while I share access to exclusive life time deals (one-time payment). with those who subscribe to updates from this website. If interested, just click here.

    2a. Domain Name (1)

    1. Namecheap - Widely recommended and cheap domain name provider, with options ranging from $10-12 per year. 

    Getting your domain name and website hosting from different providers is encouraged. This allows you remain flexible and ready to move if and when they do not measure up to expectations. 

    2b. Website Hosting  (2)

    1Siteground (primary recommendation) - I recommend Siteground for an introductory and cheap price. My recommendation is based on a personal and positive experience. You can get Siteground hosting for free.

    2. Namecheap doubles up as provider of hosting services too. Also, note that you can request for hosting services from your domain name provider.

    Get Free Website Hosting

    Get Siteground to pay your hosting fees by signing up as an affiliate. Active referrals could cover your hosting fees. You would have to start with the paid service at the outset. 

    *Can’t afford a website or don't have one? 

    Use a LinkedIn account.

    Give your Linkedin profile a professional feel (professional picture, summary, get recommendations and endorsements from friends and connections). If you need help with LinkedIn profile copy or customization, reach out and chat with us.

    3. Content Management System (WordPress Themes and others) (3)

    Manage your content with a free and globally accepted platform, WordPress. Your hosting provider usually has a page dedicated to uploading WordPress on your site. If you choose to go with a different content management system, look through the guides in the knowledge base.

    1. WordPress.org -free and attached as an add-on to the back-end of your host platform. Most digital marketers love WordPress because of its universal nature and the presence of plugins. The ease of use of wordpress plugins affords handling of website technical issues for non-techies like some of us.
    2. Squarespace
    3. Wix or Weebly
    4. Weekly Giveaways from a free sign up to Envato Market

    4. Website Themes and Theme Builders

    4a. Recommended Website Themes/Theme Builder for WordPress based sites (4)

    1. Elementor (free option available and easy to use)
    2. Thrive Themes (On a budget? Consider this easy to use platform with the potential for making your website look professional and generate leads/subscribers on the go).
    3. Elegant Themes 
    4. Beaver Builder

    *If you need a quick website up and running with related copy and accessories, l​look through our offers here.

    4b. Digital Marketing Tools for Website Monitoring/Tracking (5)

    No farmer leaves his/her farm untended.

    Similarly, your website needs some tending (tracking and monitoring). These platforms provide free levels which can tell you where the attention is and what can be done to improve your website visitor experience.

    1. Google Analytics
    2. Mouseflow (free 100 credits per month)
    3. HotJar (free tier)
    4. Crazyegg (free tier)
    5. Sumome package (an opt-in form, welcome mat, heat mapping and more for a limited number of unique visitors).

    4c. Online/Website Customer service (4)

    A virtual method to receive website visitors in your absence, retrieve emails and help your clients. These resources below serve as great temporary replacements for website-based help.

    1. Tawk - customer chats for your website that relays directly to your phone
    2. Drift
    3. Slack
    4. Facebook messenger

    5. Link Shorteners (2)

    Need to share a link or two on social media platforms or in your emails, shorten it with these apps and track your click-throughs.


    Link Shorteners help track the clicks on your links. This information helps you determine what resonates with your audience, so you can do more of the same. They include,

    1. Google shortener (free)
    2. Bitly (free)

    6. Transcription (3)

    1. Google voice

               Cool tip:Use Google voice in google docs.

                If you have an apple product (iphone, ipad or mac computer), you can use                   enable auto-dictionary

              2. Dictation software on all Apple devices.

               Paid Options
    1. Rev.com-1$ per minute, cheap right.

    7. NoteTaking/Web Clippings (5)

    1. Evernote
    2. Apple Notes
    3. Microsoft Onenote
    4. Google docs
    5. Airstory researcher (freemium)

    8. Presentation Templates and Webinar Software

    8a. Where to get Presentation Templates and Webinar Software(5)

    Templates or outlines makes ease the writing process. You can develop templates in google docs or in other digital marketing tools below for writing. One advantage is that you can invite your clients to view or share the links with restrictions.

    1. Google slides
    2. Envato Slides (includes graphicriver)
    3. Creative market
    4. Slideshop
    5. Microsoft Powerpoint

    8b. Infographic Templates (3)

    Another form of presenting your articles, more so statistics-related content. You can get some free templates for personal use from these platforms.

    8c. Webinar Software (2)

    For a webinar software that does not disappoint, I recommend

    1. Demio and
    2. Zoom. 

    I use Demio. Among all the webinar tools I have tried, the Demio webinar software provides a smooth experience for webinar attendees and hosts. You can read more about them, here.

    9. Edits, Readability Checks and Keyword Optimization (5)

    1. Grammarly
    2. Ginger
    3. Hemingway app
    4. Webtext tool
    5. Yoast Paid/Free version

    10. Plagiarism Check (3)

    1. Grammarly (free and paid tiers)
    2. Copyscape plagiarism credits (paid, but reasonably priced

    11. Mail (Personal) Organization (2)

    1. Kiwi for gmail
    2. Station (also puts collates gmail accounts and apps together)

    12. Email Management & Storage (4)

    With the new GDPR rules, be wary of your opt-in requirements for sign-ups, email collections and data protection.

    1. Mailchimp
    2. Mailerlite (free for the first 1000 contacts). Recently, they apply stringent standards for approval of accounts. They assess your application and then allows a number of contacts. The potential for an increase is possible overtime. The great thing about the platform is the automation workflow
    3. Sendgrid - Mass mailing option (free for one month for 40,000 mails)
    4. Activecampaign - this applications has got great tags and automation systems (paid option).

    13. Cloud Storage (6)

    1. Dropbox
    2. Google drive
    3. Zoolz free for 75GB
    4. Pcloud free
    5. Mega
    6. Yahoo mail (1TB storage)

    14. Content Generation - Content Ideas, Alternatives to Canva for Graphic Designs, Image Optimization and Document Creation

    14a. Get Content Ideas for your Blog or Social Media (5)

    Create content that your audience will find useful. This will help create a return path to your site and keep you and your offers at the top of their minds.

    You don't need to look so far to come up with great ideas or research-based relevant to your niche area. You can search,

    1. Portent.com
    2. Answer the public
    3. Zest chrome extension
    4. Quora
    5. Reddit

    From the results of your search organize them into calendars, this helps you with consistency and establishes client trust. Remember, your calendar does not have to be public.

    14b. Alternatives to Canva for Blog and Social Media Graphic Designs (6)

    Graphics add a visual and professional feel to your website and social media posts. This draws your clients in to consider your posts and by extension, your offers.

    1. Crello (free tier)
    2. Stencil (free tier)- brandable with different logo choices.
    3. Visme (free tier)
    4. Pixteller (free tier)
    5. Designbold (free tier)
    6. Snappa (free tier)
    7. Easil (free tier)
    8. Inkscape (free tier)
    9. Affinity Designer trial version

    14c. Graphic Image Optimization (2)

    Image compression before uploads improves load time and overall speed. Recommended digital marketing tools for website image compression include,

    1. Tinypng
    2. compressnow

    14d. Document Creation - Writing Templates, Document Filing and Annotations (4)

    Templates or outlines makes writing so much easier, you can develop templates in google docs or in other related tools below. One advantage is that you can invite your clients to view or share the links with restrictions.

    1. Google Docs
    2. Apple Pages
    3. Microsoft Sway
    4. Scrivener

    15. Time Tracking and Project Management

    15a. Time Tracking (2)

    1. Toggl (mobile app available)
    2. Timely (mobile apps available)

    15b. Project Management (2)

    Manage your projects, track communications and keep clients in full view with these tools.

    1. Process (free tier)
    2. Notions(free tier)
    3. Teamwork (freemium)
    4. Plutio (free tier)
    5. Microsoft Excel
    6. Airtable (free tier)

    16. Calendar Scheduling (6)

    1. Calbird
    2. Setmore
    3. Calendly
    4. ScheduleOnce
    5. Acuity
    6. You can book me
    7. Pick.co (freemium with a $1 LTD coupon, GETPICK)

    17. Hybrid Business Management (Proposal, Client and Teams) (13)

    1. Google Apps (free and paid)
    2. Hubspot CRM (free)
    3. Better proposals (free tier)
    4. Hello Bonsai
    5. Dubsado
    6. Teamwork (check this link for eligibility requirements and admission into a teamwork account for one year)
    7. Asana (free)
    8. ANdCo - the newest free project management platform in town. Recently acquired by Fiverr, it’s free to use. You can also receive payments on the platform at 0% commission, you only get to pay required commissions on the payment provider’s end (Stripe, Paypal).

    18. Stock Images & Stock Videos (3)

    1. All the Free Stock
    2. Unsplash
    3. Vecteezy

    19. Resources for Rates and Pricing on Freelance Services and Courses   (2)

    1. Editorial Freelancer Association on the EFA websites
    2. Freelance Rates Explorer on bonsai
    3. Teachable on Pricing Courses

    20. Courses (1)

    Skillshare courses (free sign up entitles you to one month free subscription)

    21. Finances Accounting and Invoicing (5)

    1. Microsoft excel 
    2. Google sheets
    3. Google docs
    4. Invoice Ninja- recently announced the use of Kanban boards within the application
    5. Wave invoicing

    22. Legal Checks, Terms of Contract and Privacy Policy Generator (2)

    1. Rocket lawyer,
    2. law trades

    23. For Social Media Automation and Management (3)

    1. Buffer
    2. Planable (free tier)
    3. Hootsuite

    24. Social Media Content Storage and Monitoring (2)

    1. Google Docs
    2. Feedly
    3. Google Trends- monitor health related trends in a geographic area with this tool
    4. Google Alerts

    25. Productivity  (7)

    1. RescueTime- monitors your time on the internet. It can help you determine areas to work on and better schedule time spent.
    2. Trello- the best Kanban productivity software ever and its free. Add up a power-up for improved function.
    3. Coffitivity for ambient noise generation.
    4. Brain.fm (paid and free) - stimulatory music to help you sleep, focus or meditate
    5. Focus@will- another application that provides access to music that keeps you focused and aware
    6. toby extension (collates all your tabs into one, a better option compared to OneTab) as it does not slow down your browser speed.
    7. Station- similar to gettoby, collates all your apps, software and frequesntly visited sites into one tab. It saves you the distractions from ads and other pages, so you can focus.
    8. gettoby- similar to station above, this tab management, browser plugin collates all your browsing sessions into one tab. Links to recommended apps can be shared with your colleagues using this application.

    26. Recommended Books

    We have covered book recommendations in a previous post

    This list is not exhaustive. What other free/free tier tools do you find indispensable in your toolbox, comment below.

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