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cope with resistance to technology

9 Tips for Coping with Resistance to Technology

    Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 The need to cope with resistance to technology is evident more than ever. With the increase in technology solutions and technical skills required to handle issues, resistance to technology is a given.   As a startup business, an existing business or a wantrepreneur who has invested in these tools, the technical aspects can […]

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    How to Grow Your Business Online : Cheatsheet Included

      When asked how to grow business online, popular responses include: build ‘it’, ‘they’ will come, or ‘build a better mousetrap and they will beat a path to your door’. ‘They’ referred to potential clients and ‘it’ meant your business.   It’s hard to believe, but veteran business owners still give this advice. Countless business owners have gone on […]

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      The Ultimate Guide to Knowledgebase Development – Doing Customer Service Right

        Knowledge Base DevelopmentKnowledge base development can be a whirlwind. Knowledge base development in the presence of a backlog of support tickets and an overwhelmed staff can lead to less time for other inbound business activities. The question is, what can be done to ensure efforts to deliver excellent customer service meets with success? As a business owner, […]

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        Here are Great Books Digital Marketers Look to for Inspiration

          Great Books Digital Marketers Look to for InspirationSearching for great books Digital Marketers look to for inspiration? From our ‘ward rounds’ among premium digital marketers groups (mainly DigitalMarketer Engage by Ryan Diess, Create Your Laptop Life by Julie Stoian and Advanced Marketing Program by Neil Patel) we have collated 81 Books, that to inspire you […]

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          digital marketing tools for business owners

          101 Digital Marketing Tools Every Digital Marketer Should Know About

            Quick Navigation 1. Market Research2.  Domain Name and Website Hosting*Can’t afford a website or don’t have one? 1. Domain Name (1)2. Website Hosting  (2)3. Content Management System (WordPress Themes and others) (3)4. Website Themes and Theme Builders4a. Recommended Website Themes/Theme Builder for WordPress based sites (4)4b. Digital Marketing Tools for Website Monitoring/Tracking (5)4c. Online/Website Customer service […]

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            Before Your Client/Subscriber Says Goodbye (Clickfunnels Case Study Included)

              There comes a time in the lifespan of a business when a client or subscriber says goodbye, and for different reasons. However, most businesses focus on the influx of clients or subscribers and never bother about what to do if and when the client ‘wants’ to end the business relationship. Do you have a plan? What can you […]

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              Market Research Case Study

                Background: Market Research for a Biohack CompanyA biohack company put out a request for market research or intelligence (an overview of a niche-specific market and the competition) and results-based strategies.  We offered to help with a kick-ass, evidence-based, market research intelligence and strategy for increased return on investment. The founder’s expert familiarity with the biomedical area as […]

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