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9 Tips for Coping with Resistance to Technology

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    The need to cope with resistance to technology is evident more than ever.

    With the increase in technology solutions and technical skills required to handle issues, resistance to technology is a given.  

    As a startup business, an existing business or a wantrepreneur who has invested in these tools, the technical aspects can be overwhelming. These include website creation, automation set-up, tech stacking, and more recently artificial intelligence.

    You may feel your thought processes get slower by the day and you just can't keep up.

    Navigation of tech-speak and the high sums that come with getting expert help from tech-savvy gurus is an everyday hurdle.

    The rate at which tech solutions are being offered, the updates and their potential applications, could make a horse go wild with glee and frustration.

    A look at the technology landscape over a five-year period showed a 25-fold increase and that number is on the rise, according to the Content Marketing Institute. The general advice is to focus on the process and not the technology, but then, technology is an integral part of any successful business.

    Another side note down memory lane, I still remember when I got my first website. In the DIY-spirit, I wanted to build it myself and cut costs. 

    I had gone quite a long way with building the pages, with harrowing months of persistence, 16 months to be precise.

    You can imagine my frustration and relief (two in one), when I found out they had pre-built themes you could load, tweak, make copy changes and voila, a ready to launch website.

    All those months wasted and gone with the wind.

    Enter Technical Issues

    And then came the website technical issues, plug-ins or clashes with website theme updates, you name it, the list is endless.

    Just a year ago, I had difficulty communicating the findings from my GTmetrix score with a developer (across the continent). In simple non-techie speak, this score is an estimate of how fast or slow your website loads. This equals the time it takes from the click (to your website link) to the whole page view.

    Explaining what I wanted him to do, I just attached a picture and wrote - please take it from 'red to green.' 

    Funny, right? Not so funny when you're on the receiving end.

    The thoughts of these issues at the start of a business launch is enough to push you towards working on and not in your business, more so, as a beginner on a budget. It is no wonder that this leads to a build up of technical resistance.

    “Research has shown that resistance to change among people and corporations drastically reduces the success of any venture"

                             JM Goncalves, Rua Charles Spencer Chaplin, Sao Paulo Brazil.

    Personally, I always used the high price points as an excuse for not developing my use of technology solutions or upgrading my tech-resources until I discovered some huge discount lifetime deal providers. My excuses fizzled out.

    My experience with these providers and the frequency at which they released their irresistible, price-adjusted offers for small business owners (freelancers and entrepreneurs) got me thinking about the subject of this write-up.

    The question remains,

    "How can entrepreneurs and freelance writers cope with the advancements in technology and overcome that resistance."

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    Below are a set of tips that have helped me and other entrepreneurs.

    1. Work on your business with the right mindset

     An entrepreneur loses the ability to make giant strides if not open to personal development, including technology.

    With the frequency of changes in the marketplace, technology, and environment, technology awareness and an open mind will help an entrepreneur adapt better. This paves the way for personal improvement and improved sales, a win-win for the entrepreneur and the client.

    Knowledge of how these tech-improvements work, even if they are outsourced helps you provide a better service at reasonable rates.

    Also, determination to make it work, seals in the progress that can be acquired from making the transition to technology solutions for your business.

    “A person's perceived ability to use a product successfully affects their evaluative and behavioral response to the product”

                                                                                 Ellen P.S of Georgia State University.

    2. Take a personal technology-need history. 

    Sometimes technology resistance can be beneficial and save you time and money.
    Personal assessment asking questions such as, Do I really need this solution, or am I just swayed by the glaring reviews or the number of people who have bought it?

    Which of my business needs does it solve at the moment or can I perceive a need for the solution?’

    Self-examination with these questions would help you determine if the technology resistance at that point is beneficial.

    “How can entrepreneurs and freelance writers cope with the advancements in technology and overcome that resistance."

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    3. Improve your awareness of potential solutions or alternatives.

    What’s in it for me? Asking this question opens you up to the potential benefits of a particular technology, and how it can save you time, money or fill a particular need. This could help you overcome the initial resistance to the solution.

    Pay attention to alternatives among the tech solutions you have, this may save you some time and money. 

    4. Take advantage of MOOC courses or online courses

    To develop your skills, there are a lot of online courses including those on massive online open course platforms. These include Hubspot, Coursera, EdX, FutureLearn and LinkedIn learning.

    A look through these sites provides insights into most of the available courses, you could look through for those specific to your tech needs. Other platforms such as Udemy, Teachable, Thinkific, Kajabi, and KhanAcademy offer both free and paid options.

    Enrolling for and following through these courses help improve your understanding of these technologies and how to work with them.

     5. Outsource or Delegate

    You can always outsource or delegate at an affordable price.

    A basic knowledge of how the technology works is helpful so that you are not swindled by exorbitant service rates. A look at the pricing on outsourcing sites may give an idea of the pricing structure and general information about projects similar to yours. Such sites include upwork.com, freelancer.com, and Fiverr.com (the cheapest option).

    Avoid waste of time that can be channelled to create new offers or services for your clients to keep them from saying goodbye

    Digital marketing greats like Neil Patel and Russell Brunson always announce that they don't have tech skills, yet they have world-famous technology solutions (Crazyegg and Clickfunnels) that provide recurring income.


     6. Barter your services or try a friend 

    Another option could be to offer your specialized service in exchange for the needed help/service.

    I have seen this occur in some Facebook groups, so keep your eyes open for such opportunities.

    If you can write an offer that in exchange for help with an aspect of your website set-up. Balancing this tradeoff can be tough, but possible.


    7. Join relevant associations or groups

    Paid associations or groups usually provide insights related to offerings on the importance of some of these offerings to its members.

    On platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Meetups, there is just about any group dedicated (broad or specific) to one tech solution or the other, being released (at the time of this writing).

    Feel free to check them out. Thanks to the same technology, reaching out to people in these groups who can fill the needs you seek is more than ever possible. Free and paid groups of like-minded people abound on LinkedIn, Meetup or Facebook for most tech solutions, feel free to check them out.


    8. Splurge on one-on-one assistance from the technology provider or use the knowledge base

    Most tech solution companies offer complimentary access to their knowledge base in Q&A forums, chat or call support sessions.

    These sessions cater to glitches or problems you may have with the service or solution. You should take advantage of these offers, where available.


    9. Get a personal Rolodex, a skilled virtual assistant or a one-on-one coach. 

    This should be the most expensive or sometimes, inexpensive approach. Get someone familiar with the service to teach you. This will help you learn how to make changes when needed. It can also help you upgrade the packages you provide, making an enticing offer for interested clients.

    Some individual service providers offer a flat rate or per hour training service. They also offer retainer services, in the case of updates to the tech solution or further needs related to service.

    Clarity on the details of the provision and the agreement terms will help improve your experience with such service providers.

    How is Technology Resistance linked to Health?

    According to a study of 1787 adults of ages 19-32, the chances of having depression and anxiety increased with the number of social media platforms used by participants.

    Of course, it can be argued that factors such as repeated interaction, exposure to glare or bright lighting from devices may differentiate social media use from other tech platforms, however, it is evident that they share similar technologies and access methods.

    Thus, the possible contribution of negative emotions and frustrations related to the use of technology or resistance to its use, is best left to one’s imagination.

    That said, whatever tip you decide to use,  take advantage of the needed tech solutions for your business and make the needed advancements. Create repeatable systems that can be delegated to save you time for other revenue generating activities.

    Make informed choices on future purchases, and manage your tech options while getting a return on investment.

    What other tips have helped you cope with and overcome the resistance to the use of tech solutions as a freelance writer or entrepreneur?

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